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How to Set Up Your Salon and Attract More Clients

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This course is for you if you are an esthetician, cosmetologist, or student in any of those categories looking to attract clients and grow your books. 

This Course is for you if:

  •  you are new to online booking
  •  new to buiding your clientele 
  •  learning how to manage a growing clientele
  •  need to automate the booking process
  •  consistantly losing businss cards and pamphets
  •  frustrated with your networking efforts
  • want scripts and what to say to clients to encourage them to book when following up
  • need help getting your friends and family to pay for your service
  • would like information broken down in understandable steps
  • looking to create flyers that get clients to book you
  • Need to hear of someone else succeeding so you feel confident 

This Course is NOT for you if:

  • you don't like trying new things

You've decided to go out on your own and do what you love! You're looking for proven ways spa professionals can be successful and googling the best ways to attract more people to your spa. You've even shelled out for a website that's aestheticially appealing.  

But they're still not booking, referring new clients, or getting to know about your amazing services.  

Fortunately, you have someone who has been there and can show you strategies that work and will save you time, money, and frustration.  

My video course is designed to help you use these strategies to stand out and set up your salon in a way to attract more clients to your shop. Learning these strtegies will spark your creative side so you can add your personality to it all. Read on and check out the video clips below for a look at what I'll teach you.

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Here's what I'll be teaching...


Build Your PDF Price Sheets

With a price list that's digital, you won't need to constantly carrying business cards around, fumbling to grab them out your purse. Instead, you'll be able to text or email your price sheet along with your information while gathering a potential clients' contact information. You can also easily post these to your social media to let your clients and potential clients know your prices and special offers (Picture is of my very first price sheet when I opened 3BWaxing)

  • Tutorial Video: Basics in Canva to make digital price sheets  


Building your Booking System 

A booking system will free up your time so you can spend more time serving your clients in a better way. In this lesson, I'm pulling back the curtain on my own business to show you how I set up my booking system so anyone could book while I was working with client or even sleeping. You can collect emails, credit cards, and explain cancellation policies all while u sleep or while you are working on a client because you have a solid system in place. Are you unsure how to set up a cancellation policy? This lesson will walk you through the many aspects of having a booking system and persuading clients to use your booking system. 

  • Detailed videos on setting up your acuity scheduling system to take clients


Networking With Other Professionals  

  • How to connect with salon owners, TV personalities, entertainers to get referrals.

Picture Taken November 2nd 2017


The Fabulous Follow up: Using What You Have to Follow Up Properly

Need to know exactly what to say to clients to follow up after meeting, after a service, or even after not seeing from them in awhile? I breakdown scripts on what to say to follow up with your clients or potential clients to continue to keep your books full. 


Leaning In to Your Personal Connections  

Nervous about networking for your business to people you already know? In this final lesson I'll show you make the people you already know clients.

Ready to Grow Your Books? 

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I am Beka, a prowaxer and skin therapist since 2010. I have helped over 1500 people remove unwanted hair, acne, ingrowns, and discoloration. I became known in Orange County as the waxer who was always booked. I have my own product line which are my exfoliating pads that have been sold all over the US, UK, UAE, and Canada. I have helped estheticians and business owners start their own product line with my digital products that have been sold all over the country. I also help estheticians, cosmetologists, makeup artist, massage therapist, and other salon/spa professional attract clientele, start their salon suite, provide excellent customer service, improve their waxing, and network at events. 

 I created this program to help spa professionals really use technology to grow their business. I share the strategies I used when I first opened up 3bwaxing that worked for me and still work today. I noticed there was a need for professionals needing to learn how to use booking systems, design price lists that attract customers, send messages to clients to follow up, and assistance with networking that leads to sales. Having systems like the ones taught in this course teaches you gives your business the professional image that attracts quality clients. 


"You are a beast in this beauty industry. I want to be just like you. I learn more from you than I did in Esthetics school. Keep up the good work." -Mignon Danielle

 Review From Esthetician Client

"I’ve been implementing the client attracting techniques, and I’ve seen progress within the past two weeks. Some old clients that I reached out to have made appointments, purchased products, and I even got new clients, and new followers just by reaching out via Instagram. I also got an invite to speak at a women’s conference on skincare. " - Kristen Drayton